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LARMO - Alarm CD

CD edit released by Zoharum.

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On May 14, something that has been expected for a long time will happen; after the cassette EP "Noise Tape #1", a collaborative album with the industrial-metal band GASH FAITH, a split with noise projects DYSTOPIAN CONTROL and MNICH, also after a lot of enthusiastically received concerts, the full-length album LARMO will finally be released. "Alarm" is 12 heavy electronic tracks, based on massive sound, mechanical rhythms characteristic of industrial genre with elements of rhythmic noise, illbient, techno and bass music. Thanks to the freedom with which Mirek draws from a wide stylistic spectrum, he extracts those elements that allow him to fully use the potential and create structures and sounds characteristic of the strong and very suggestive message of LARMO (Larmo Means Noise). The great diversity of individual songs was also influenced by the participation of invited guests, i.e. Małgorzata Wójcik aka GOSIA (including NEXT VICTIM, SKORUP/A), Patryk Rzeszutek aka IHS (BIESY, GLITCHANGEL), Paula Pieczonka aka PAULA (MOIRA, BRUDNE CZYNY, END FOREST) ​​and Łukasz "Pachu" Pach (HOSTIA). The whole thing is completed by MONYA with her remix to "Flat Breath".

The album is available on CD, LP and digitally
Premiere on May 14, 2024.

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