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A tape edition released by Amek.

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A tape edition released by Amek.

On "Bruised", his third full-length album for Amek, Bulgarian producer Evitceles probes even deeper into his bottomless and tainted well of influences. As hinted in some of the project's other, most recent, releases, his music has become even more guitar and vocal-centered, with beats and basslines feeling somehow colder and simpler. While the artist's signature aggressive, at times lo-fi, approach to production makes the overall sound of the album feel gritty and punishing, "Bruised" also has a tasty and deranged post-punk flavor to it.

Like every other bit of Etien Slavchev’s constantly morphing discography as Evitceles, the album doesn’t stay in the same place for long. It toys with us through drastic mood switches, innate intensity, and laconic but emotional lyrics and vocals. We never know where Evitceles’ music is headed, but we want to be a part of this journey. You’re (kind of) welcome too!


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