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FALLEN SUN 'Beyond the Flat Earth' CD

CD released by Fourth Dimmension.

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CD released by Fourth Dimmension. 

"Fallen Sun, the noise/industrial moniker of Reverse Image from Malaysia, approaches the creation of noise music through the layering of sonic textures aligned with a sense of space and movement. Using Harsh Noise Wall as distant inspiration, she takes the seed of an idea and expands and contracts it, before further compressing and then twisting it, layer upon layer, until the idea has morphed into itself. 'Beyond the Flat Earth’'s ten concise tracks explore this perpetual movement of noise, each with its own spine, the total auditory fabric of the music presents a gothic beauty to submerse oneself" - by Richard Allan Bates

"Reverse Image also released the debut 'The Silence That Does Not Exist' CD in mid-2023. Also electronics-orientated, it is a comparatively muted affair next to its Fallen Sun cousin but there are similarities in the fact that the sounds deployed are often frazzled, abstract, complex and restless. Where Reverse Image assume stealth as a crackle and hum guiding force, Fallen Sun are more akin to the full-on blazing attack that displays just enough restraint and occasional rhythmic prowess to avoid reaching a Merzbow-type meltdown. Despite appearances, however, 'Beyond the Flat Earth' brings together ten pieces more interested in the sonic arrangements than anything overtly primal. As debuts go, this is a great exploration of the nuanced power of intensity in several forms" - by Richard Johnson, Fourth Dimension Records.

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