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EDWARD KA-SPEL - Tales From The Tranches LP

LP edit. released by Lumberton Trading Company

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LP edit. released by Lumberton Trading Company

Press-kit: Mostly known for his work as founder, vocalist and main songwriter for The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka- Spel has long forged an equally prolific career as a solo artist given to sometimes exploring similar sonic realms as his group but clearly working at such a pace the need to channel ideas and songs in this capacity must be enforced. And just as well too, because Edward Ka-Spel is one of those rare and exceptional artists whose high workrate doesn’t betray a keen sense of quality control. Long known as somebody unafraid to venture wherever he pleases, his work has for a few decades now long traversed the more outward-bound or so-called ‘fringe’ areas of electronic music, psychedelia, hypnotic rock, kosmische sounds and the avant-garde. Heartily sewn into all of this is Edward’s fantastic grasp of spinning a twilight tale or spiralling deep into the mind’s recesses to craft a song from comparatively nimble melodies and words of Kafka-esque proportions. It’s a strikingly rich blend that’s always deserved far more attention than the cult audience it thankfully at least has.

'Tales from the Trenches' is the second release by Edward for Lumberton Trading Company. Following on from the abstract-flavoured ‘Permission to Leave the Temple’ 10” released at the start of 2023, this LP collects eight tracks of a personal nature mostly pinned into place by some refined electro rhythms, molten cosmic textures, plaintive strings, introspective keys and a late night hue that sways effortlessly between the beautiful, haunted and even, a couple of times, a steam-pumped and sweat-ravaged dancefloor. Limited to 500 only (with 250 on black vinyl and another 250 on brown-ish vinyl), 'Tales from the Trenches' delivers exactly as the title indicates. Everything may at first feel ominous or sombre in tone, but there’s also a glimmer of hope laid bare in all its sun-drenched glory poking between the cracks.

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