RAPOON 'Wasteland Raga' CD

Dark Ambient, ethno 

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Dark Ambient, ethno 

1 Industrial Raga 4:10
2 Hymn For Productivity 1:47
3 We Work Hard In The Fields 4:28
4 Flag Of Dawn 5:03
5 The Time Passes Swiftly In Joyful Endeavours 8:24
6 It Rained On My River 3:08
7 It Rained On My Heart 5:16
8 Lifted Again The Hammer Blows Of Hope 7:47
9 Once More Into The Dark 3:33
10 Down Voyage 3:37
11 Light Coming 2:51
12 The Falling Of Trees 4:00
13 You Stayed The Same 4:14
14 On Empty Words The Winds Blow 8:47


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