STEIN Sehnsucht CD

Minialbm Stein w barwach Lichterklang.

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Minialbm Stein w barwach Lichterklang.

Info od wydawcy: „Sehnsucht“ is not just a normal CD, it’s the moving regeneration of a never ending nightmare and loss which only parents might comprehend. The six tracks of this EP deal with the death of Lorenz, the son of STEIN-vocalist Norbert Strahl, who died last year at the age of six. But it’s not just the loss and the sadness, characterizing the six tracks, it’s Lorenz’ personalitiy being alive and well, never moaning his fate, that gives solace to all people in likewise situations.

Musicalwise „Sehnsucht“ might be regarded as the most versatile performance of STEIN so far.


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