RAPOON 'Sanctus Equinox' CD

Najnowszy, drugi w katalogu album Rapoon w barwach Winter light. Jedna z części tryptyku.

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Najnowszy, drugi w katalogu album Rapoon w barwach Winter light

Info od wydawcy:
We welcome back Rapoon for this, his second release, on our Winter-Light label. Many people will already be familiar with Robin Storey. Not just for his pioneering work as founder of the industrial group :zoviet*france: in 1979, but also of course for his solo-project Rapoon, which began life in 1992. Now, 25 years after the inception of his solo ambient project, Rapoon is still very much with us and still very much active. In celebration of this, his 25th Silver Anniversary, we are releasing a triptych of new work from Rapoon entitled 'The Mercury Rising Trilogy'. The Mercury Rising Trilogy will comprise of three brand new studio albums, all with exclusive material. The albums will bring a new feel to Robin's work, that of a more off world spacious feel, jazzy in parts with a ceremonial thread running throughout. Each album interlinked by this feel and theme, as the titles suggest, but with each one still having it's own unique identity. Here we present to you the first part of the Mercury Rising Trilogy, 'Sanctus Equinox'.

Winter Light

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