NAM-KHAR 'Sur Chöd' CD

Druga odsłona Nam-Khar w Winter-Light. 
Rytualna muzyka w wykonaniu kolektywu.

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Druga odsłona Nam-Khar w Winter-Light.
Rytualna muzyka w wykonaniu kolektywu.

Info od wydawcy:

"Sur Chöd" is composed of 6 long-form pieces, each piece transforming and morphing in to a musical entity within it's own right. The traditional percussive elements are still there in the music, deployed in full force alongside more subtle uses of these instruments. It is the use of the drone and bass elements that have changed on this release. The small vacuous pockets which Nam-Khar use so well are soon filled with warm, thick drones, synthesised sweeps and enlightening cosmic sounds. It once again creates that space for the listener to move into for contemplation and reflection, to energise and focus through the welcome isolation space created by Nam-Khar's atmospherics. Pushing the inner-traveller ever further onwards, along different trodden paths.

Ritual ambient, dark ambient, drone, industrial and subtle tinges of dark-jazz await the listener on this deep and diverse release from Nam-Khar.

Winter Light

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