CIRCULAR Ghostwhite CD

Czwarty album w dyskografii CIRCULAR. Kosmiczny, wielobarwny ambient.
Wydanie w ekopacku.

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Czwarty album w dyskografii CIRCULAR. Kosmiczny, wielobarwany ambient.
Wydanie w ekopacku.

Info od wydawcy:
The fourth album from Circular was arranged and recorded between 2016-2019. It describes the full, unfolding spectrum, leading to the initial shade of Ghostwhite. This release translates the varied colourful and kaleidoscopic spectra into deep audio and sound sculptures. The audio vision of Ghostwhite builds an organic wall of sound as Johannes Riedel starts to add more new elements, such as vocal samples, becoming louder in the mix to match the wailing organs and accelerating synthetic patterns. Circular shines with his new album and creates haunting and gripping sonic works that capture the imagination. Beautiful melodies and rhythms contrast the field recordings and sounds of modular synthesizers to build an abstract image spanning the entirety of the inner cinema. An album to impress and evolve, gathering more elements and styles into the most unique cosmos of Circular’s music.

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