NOX 'Abyssal Codex' CD

CD opublikowane przez Winter-Light

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CD opublikowane przez Winter-Light

Info od wydawcy: Croatian artist Jurica Santek (Nox, Aegri Somnia, Efil) returns to our Winter-Light label with his second full length album 'Abyssal Codex'. 'Abyssal Codex' follows in the footsteps of his previous 'Opus Unending' album, released via our Winter-Light label. This is traditional dark ambient, with the focus still aimed on low, sub tones, edged with industrial and horror recordings. The music is still downtune and lo-fi, interspersed with harsh sounds and natural elements. 'The main focus is on dark, isolationist soundscapes but also as music without distraction, that can be used as a background meditative for various purposes. The aim is to reach a fluid dark atmosphere that is pleasant and meditational to listen to, but that is also having dark and unnerving moments.'

Winter Light

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