HERR LOUNGE CORPS - Spitting at Pigeons / Ready Steady Despair CD

Podwójny album. Reedycja wydana w barwach Old Europa Cafe.

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Podwójny album. Reedycja wydana w barwach Old Europa Cafe.

Info od wydawcy
MIRO SNEJDR might be best known for his work with DEATH IN JUNE, his elegant, emotionally evocative piano stylings have graced collaborations with a cross-genre cadre of artists. In the years following the release of Peaceful Snow/Lounge Corps in 2010, Snejdr has completed multiple international tours playing alongside Douglas P. and performing solo under the Herr Lounge Corps banner.
This is the re-edition into a unique double CD of his first two albums which came out only as small self-released CDr editions. Includes 3 unreleased / exclusive tracks. A masteriece between Experimental-Pop and Lounge-Music.

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