Wydawnictwo z Winter-Light. CD w digipacku

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Wydawnictwo z Winter-Light. CD w digipacku
Info od wydawcy:Dark ambience, drones and atmospherics evoke the ancient rite of 'Mundus Patet', the dark esoteric tradition of the ancient Romans.
The opening of the mundus put the world of the living and the world of the dead into communication... Three times a year, "Mundus Cereris" (the Ceres Mundus), an infernal door located in the Roman Forum and still visible to this day, was opened. On these days the infernal deities and spirits came out of the opening and wandered among the world of the living. During these days all temple doors had to remain closed, and it was forbidden to do battle and to take a wife.
The Mundus Cereris is part of the most obscure and ancient traditions of the archaic Roman religion but the the ritual connected to it is very probably of Etruscan origin. The rite provided that on 24th August, 5th October and 8th November the mundus was open and therefore those days were marked in the calendar with the wording "Mundus Patet", namely "the earth is open".

Winter Light

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