NOX 'Opus Unending' CD

Wydawnictwo z Winter-Light. CD w digipacku

Info od wydawcy:Dark ambience, drones and atmospherics evoke the ancient rite of 'Mundus Patet', the dark esoteric tradition of the ancient Romans...

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Wydawnictwo z Winter-Light. CD w digipacku

Info od wydawcy:Croatian artist Jurica Santek joins the Winter-Light label with his project 'Nox' and the release of his 'Opus Unending' album.

'Opus Unending' is traditional dark ambient, focused on low, sub tones with touches of industrial and horror recordings. Downtune and lo-fi, the feel shifts more towards that of the original dark ambient and death industrial artists from the early period of these genres.
The project was born in 2019 as a collection of previously recorded experimental and field sounds. The album is composed as a randomisation of those sounds that were carefully collected for that specific purpose; later to be used for the construction of an entire album.
The main focus is on dark, isolationist soundscapes but also as music without distraction, that can be used as a background meditative for various purposes. The aim is to reach a fluid dark atmosphere that is pleasant and meditational to listen to, but that is also having dark and unnerving moments.
Lovers of dark ambient, will be familiar with Jurica's 'Aegri Somnia' project, having released two albums on the Cryo Chamber label. He has also recently released a pure dark ambient album 'Dead Pact', on the much respected Kalpamantra label, under his Efil project.
The album was recorded between 2019/2020 in Zagreb/Čakovec, Croatia.
All tracks written, produced and recorded by Jurica Santek.

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