FABIO ORSI | ALESSANDRA GUTTAGLIERE - Giardino Forico numero 1 Napoli CD

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CD opublikowane przez Silentea.

Info od wydawcy: The city has passed through us like a big wave of dust carried by the wind
we found ourselves covered by debris, passing skeletons
shadows of leaves, passages, spells, voices of pianos from the windows
memories of places that live in several times
ardours and fervours and odours
we have immortalized them
we have brought the simulacra with us
we have watched them from the Estrada Atlantica
from the singing pits of Salento
from the immense Metrosideros of Monserrate
with the organ of a church in the Itria Valley
from our home
in one year of work the Giardino Forico appeared
it behaves like life, it brings
it appropriates the airs, the colours, the languages and the ways
it does not represent
it shows its vigour
which is our own
The Giardino Forico is a way of giving back a place, a knowledge, a humanity through our languages. It is the result of a vital artistic process, we listen and observe the space and we speak it.

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