KAYNO YESNO SLONCE - Requiem for the white wind CD

CD opublikowame przez Corvus Records.

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CD opublikowame przez Corvus Records.

Info producenta: “Requiem For The White Wind” is the third album of the local folk/ambient band Kayno Yesno Slonce, whose driving force is Veselin Mitev from Isihia. In “Requiem For The White Wind” you can hear genuine Balkan music that flows from the bottom of the soul. Music that carries within itself the timeless glory of the Bulgarian mountains. The voice of the bagpipe makes us close our eyes, transport to another time and listen closely to the rhythm of our hearts. Sacral choirs carry long forgotten voices that tell us old mountain legends.As usual, many traditional instruments were used in the recording process, such as bagpipe, kaval, duduk and drum. “Requiem For The White Wind” contains 8 songs and is released in an A5 digipak version with conceptual design by the author.

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