FABIO ORSI 'Cinque Movimenti Per A.' CD

CD opublikowane przez Backwards.

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CD opublikowane przez Silentes w serii 13.

Info od wydawcy: A captivating electronic symphony in five movements recorded live, which begins almost like a Pastorale. Bucolic atmospheres that, albeit through completely different sonorities, seem to link Fabio Orsi back to the origins of his music at the beginning of the millennium, when the inspiration drawn from his home territory and popular tradition was strong. The instruments then paint a sort of medieval dance, veering further into quiet, purely ambient atmospheres, among whose threads of interlocking electronic sequences and soft rhythmic patterns emerge. Then the music takes flight... It abandons the earth to embark on a stellar journey, trailed by sequencers, wandering through unknown spatial microcosms and distant galaxies, closing in a poignant and epic finale. In 40 minutes the 'summary' of twenty years of music by an artist who has never ceased to renew and explore.

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