NIMH - Iron and Ice CD

Album CD opublikowany przez Silentes

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Album CD opublikowany przez Silentes.
Info od wydawcy: After a good six years from Nimh's last solo CD of previously unreleased material (Circles of the Vain Prayers), and two years after his previous collaborative CD (Post-Folk Lore Vol.1), Giuseppe Verticchio is back, walking again on those same electronic paths strongly imbued with ethnic ritual suggestions and sonorities. The sound of string and wind instruments, metals and percussion instruments coming mainly from South-East Asian countries, combined with refined electronic textures, voices, field recordings and obscure environmental substrates, describes an adventurous and multicoloured intercontinental journey, crossing geographical and stylistic borders, taking the long rigorous experimental research undertaken by the well-known Italian artist since more than twenty years ago even further.

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