TONIC TRAIN - Continuous Interruptions CD

Publikacja rodzimego wydawnictwa Antenna Non Grata,

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Publikacja rodzimego wydawnictwa Antenna Non Grata,

Info od wydawcy: thesee eight tracks on this CD were distilled from a multitude of live recordings made throughout 2005 and 2006, during the first year of a ped European tour. This period of constant travel was one of extensive musical activity which served as an accompaniment to our varied radio art engagements, and the recordings of those concerts are the source material for this first dedicated Tonic Train album.

The concerts represented here took place in Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna and Halle, and were all recorded in stereo directly from the main mixer. No further editing was applied once the excerpts had been selected, and following mastering these snapshots of our performances can now, after a rest period of 15 years, leave the realm of documentation to develop a life of their own.

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