V/A - 8th Annual Report CD

CD wydane w serii z Unexplained Soinds Group.

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Antologia muzyki eksperymentalnej z Unexplained Soinds Group.

Info od wydawcy: Unexplained Sounds Group 8th Annual Report is the 8th chapter of the series that comes out every year in December, and showcases the best 2022 experimental electronic and electroacoustic music. It includes veteran composers alongside younger but equally talented musicians from all around the globe. All musicians here are united by the spirit of pushing the boundaries of music and of charting the new territories thus forged. This 8th edition features artists coming from United States, Italy, Finland, Iran, Argentina, Jordan, Germany, Mexico, Greece.

1. Morgen Wurde & Tis feat. David Strother - Wagt (Synthese Remix) 
2. Yousef Kawar - Impenetrable Part 1 
3. Pablo Ribot - Type 
4. 400 Lonely Things - Vestronomicon  
5. Zach Zinn - As We Fell From Our Radiant Palaces 
6. Mario Lino Stancati - La pelle del velo 
7. David Lee Myers & Thomas Dimuzio - ohm's law 
8. Tremolo Audio - Mycelium 
9. Ab Uno - Isawiyya 
10.Vongoiva - Jatuli Observatory 
11.Farzan Salsabili & Vesal Javaheri - The Mock, for fixed media 
12.Nikos Sotirelis - Persephone in the Underworld 

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