S.E.T.I. (SETI / Lagowski) - Mysterious Universe AKA Letter from GN​​​-​​​z11 CD

CD opublikowane przez Volok Records w 2022.

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CD opublikowane przez Volok Records w 2022.

Info od wydawcy: Andrew Lagowski does not need any special introductions, he is a famous musician among the fans of experimental electronic music. Let's just remind that Andrew Lagowski has been recording electronic music since 1982, before that he was a drummer, emulating the mechanical style of Steve Morris (Joy Division / New Order) and John Maher (Buzzcocks).He worked on many projects including Legion, Terror Against Terror, Isolrubin B.K. and Lustmord.
S.E.T.I. is a project that reveals to us the enchanting atmosphere of space. A long hum, strange and inexplicable vibrations. The pulsating sounds of absolute emptiness.
With the album Mysterious Universe AKA Letter from GN-z11 S.E.T.I. continues to explore the distant and mysterious cosmos, filled with incredible phenomena and unfathomable mysteries. 

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