MACHINERY DIRECTIVE / HYPNOSKULL– Lobotomy Springs / Vier Geschichten CD

Edycja CD opublikowana przez EE Tapes.


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Edycja CD opublikowana przez EE Tapes.

info od wydawcy: A collaboration between 3 gents residing in the same (home) town of Sint-Niklaas (Saint-Nix), representing 3 different generations!From old to young: EE TAPES - curator / editor HYPNOSKULL - a veteran that needs no introduction after nearly 30 years of media terror. MACHINERY DIRECTIVE - a brand new noise project by our youngest comrade who prefers to remain anonymous! so be it, but we know who UR! Physical release comes packaged very oldschoolish and is quite limited! Moreover, please welcome the first cassette on EE Tapes since 22 years!

EE Tapes

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