De Fabriek / P.Funk – Music For Hippies (Remix) CD

CD opublikowane przez EE Tapes.

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CD opublikowane przez EE Tapes.

info od wydawcy:Remix of the legendary 1988 cassette release by DE FABRIEK & P.FUNK. Another special release in the 35th year of our existence at EE Tapes. DE FABRIEK and our label have had an excellent connection for many years. We did some releases before on cassette, CDr and CD, and now the big chief of DE FABRIEK was so nice as to give us the exclusive rights for a BEL(gian) version of his newest baby (De Fabriek FABPROD27 / CD 100 cps / NL). Needless to say we still adore DE FABRIEK after all these years! First come, first served. Limited to 75 cps with different cover and CD-print

EE Tapes

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