O PARADIS - Llega El Amor CD

Album O Paradis wydany przez Dark Vinyl w 2016 roku.

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Album O Paradis wydany przez Dark Vinyl w 2016 roku.

info od wydawcy Ô Paradis is the work of Demian Recio. Since fifteen years Demian is now creating a melancholic Mediterranean feeling in his music, free from all general trends and hypes. On this trip he met several artists ( like Novy Svet, Val Denham or Thomas Nöla among others ) and the result was a common cooperation and inspiration.
If we understand the work of Ô Paradis as a long search for Demian`s own aim, we could say that his new creature "Llega el Amor, Asoma la Muerte", can be seen as his "Ithaca" or personal masterpiece. There are fresh new inspirations / directions in this album, but we recognize also a homecoming to his old love for Latin music and the melancholy of English folk music , but all under the gaze / banner of the death. Ladies and gentlemen, you are invited to participate : "La Muerte" (The Death) is coming with a smile on his face .

Dark Vinyl

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