ROMA AMOR 'Una Torbida Estate' CD

Piąty w ogóle, a czwarty w Old Europa Cafe, album Roma Amor.

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Piąty w ogóle, a czwarty w Old Europa Cafe, album Roma Amor.

Info od wydawcy: "Una torbida estate" is where Roma Amor have particularly conveyed their love for movie soundtracks from 70's erotic, thrilling, action or exotic film music to minimalist scores themes. Roma Amor create a sort of cinematic atmosphere with their typical emphasis on deep romantic lyrics, Euski's catchy deep melodies with harmonic figures in different vocal lines and Candela's repetitive accordion patterns developed through small melodic cells. The lyrics follow the heart's beating rhythms and the soundscapes of the music, featuring loads of sentimental feelings influenced by Emily Dickinson, Italo Calvino, Antonia Pozzi, Mogol with the accent on love and sensual themes.
The musical texture is enriched by some special guests: § the violinist Matt Howden, remarkable for his use of looped strings in the song "Inverno" § Matteo Carnio's electric guitar with his touch in the title track "Una Torbida Estate" as well as in "Battiti", "A Tus Besos", "Lies", "Il Cuore" § Maestro Zabberoni, the man with the harmonica in "Der Treue Husar" and "Amsterdam" and with his flamenco guitar in the song "Mucho Mas Que Ayer" § brother Andrea Candela at the drums and Mirko at the piano in "Tu…Ancora Tu".
The tracklist includes original songs written by the duo Euski-Candela, with lyrics in different languages (Italian, Spanish, English, German), a rarefied version in three languages of the traditional song "Der Treue Husar" (love lost on the Italian front - to commemorate the centenary of Italy entering the First World War) and Jacques Brel's Amsterdam, that is always on Roma Amor lives, now on cd.
4th Roma Amor album to be released on OEC, once more a "voiage" into far sensations of a retró world, mediterranean atmospheres and loads of sentimental feelings. Sounds for the perfect summer ending, wild kisses, lies and love. Noir-Pop as only Roma Amor can deliver.

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