Wydawnicto z rosyjskiej oficyny BioSonar. Wydanie niekonwencjonalne w tekturowym kartoniku, ścisły limit do 296 sztuk.

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Fifth full-weight CD album of the project. Like all previous releases, it is a collection of tracks created in a long timespan. Plenty of various sound flows in parallels and angle-wise, interwined in ingenious multi-layered patterns, flows from different worlds, spaces and times. They include early sets of samples, improvisations from the live gigs, different home and field recordings, meta-synthesis, ethnic artifacts, vintage synths, radio capture and jam-sessions with friends. This way the new L.A.D.O. album continues to implement its main concept of interspatial and intertemporal contact. Unlike "Snovidenie" or "Tuntury", here every composition is a separate piece, a unique story, listening them in a row is like reading short novels, but despite the diversity of forms they all are interfused with same kind of mood, vibrating on one cosmic wave. One of the pieces is recorded together with Kshatriy, another one formed from the materials of Hattifnatter, but the overall amount of sound contributors is just impossible to describe. The final mastering was done by Uak-Kib (Kshatriy). Aesthetically the album keeps following L.A.D.O. "style" - distinctive and already well-known psychedelic drone ambient; practically it is like a remedy for one's mind. The album's mood has a lot in common with the recent 10" record "Atanimonni Aitnatsbus". "Ati-mudra" has an approximate translation from the Sanskrit: "ati" means inherent, perfect, true, "mudra" is state, setting, seal. Cover art features a drawing made by the author during one of Karelian trips in 2002. 

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