O PARADIS - Liquido CD

Najnowszy album O Paradis wydany przez Dark Vinyl w 2021 roku.

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Najnowszy album O Paradis wydany przez Dark Vinyl w 2021 roku.

info od wydawcy "Líquido", constitutes the first profound change that the band has made since its inception, which has been more than 20 years.
We could really talk about a new beginning.
While it is true that Demian always involved new directions, trends, styles or sounds at each album in the past, this time it seems he is letting everything flow from below , to challenge his early conceptions.
The difference lies in the attitude.
Less mental and more visceral, more free and open for letting new musical influences integrate themselves and becoming his poetry more authentic.
It smells like gunpowder without a single rhythm being martial.
We hear heavy distortions knowing that it is not an industrial job.
We discover songs that, unlike a pop piece, don't claim us.
We feel hip hop without the music claiming to want to make us move ...
Such a fragile balance can only be born from setting aside all pretensions and letting only experienced to manifest.
The result is a dark, dirty and dejected album, with a successful punk / rough energy , to which only Aloma Ruiz Boada's violins add touches of colour, and cryptic texts , which must be understood in the context of personal conflicts tuned to the misfortune of a wounded country and the loss of spirituality.

Dark Vinyl

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