HAR BELEX - Campo de Urnas CD

Najnowszy album O Paradis wydany przez Dark Vinyl w 2021 roku.

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Album O Paradis wydany przez Caustic Records

info od wydawcy: Caustic Records presents “Campo de Urnas”, the second full-length of the dark folk act Har Belex, which in this new work gives continuity to the melancholic and decadent sounds that consolidated the band within the Dark-folk and Neo-folk scene with its first album. The band exposes in its new songs the relationship of Humanity with itself and its environment, going through multiple registers: some bright and cinematic, others dense and dark. Using both melancholic guitar arpeggios and martial percussion rolls and all this extolled with beautiful arrangements of violin, guitars and electronics. With these 10 new songs, Har Belex manages to turn everything dark that lives in them into beauty, emotion and passion. Manix S. and Salva Maine show their bond with Nature in "El Corazón del Bosque". They scrutinize the darkest face of the human beings in "War" or "The Last Trench", and look back at the origins through the interwoven legends of reality and history in "Jentilarri" and "The End Of The Summer". Inevitable death and ancestral fears are presented in "La Tumba" and "Premonición"."One More Nail" marks with its powerful bass the innate capacity for self-deception of the human being and the Cyber-folk "Waves" together with the more energetic "Lo Invisible" bring a psychedelic touch that questions reality itself as we perceive it. As the intriguing cover suggests, up can be down and the sky can become a sea that floods the Urn Field..

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