Dirk Serries + Asmus Tietchens - Die H​ö​fner Akten CD

Edycja CD opublikowana przez Auf Abwegen.

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Edycja CD opublikowana przez Auf Abwegen.

Info od wydawcy: New collaborative work by two veterans of the European experimental scene, Dirk Serries + Asmus Tietchens. Dirk Serries and I have long been colleagues and friends. Since the 1990ies we have exchanged sound materials to be reworked and published on an on and off basis. "Die Höfner Akten" are something new and special to in so far as the source material with its basic structure has been improvised exclusively on an acoustic guitar (of the 'Höfner' brand). Dirk and I had agreed upon the following: I would rework the provided sound material in such a way that the character of his improvisations would remain intact while at the same same time expanding the sound palette through further manipulations. In doing so we hoped the results would sound equally like Serries or Tietchens, or - even better - like none of us. We on our part are happy with the results. It is upon the listener of the "Die Höfner Akten" to decide whether we succeeded in our endeavours.

- Asmus Tietchens

Auf Abwegen

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