Adriano Vincenti & Paolo Bandera - OSSIDO DI CROMO (Anamnesi Mediatica Ricostruttiva) CD

Edycja na CD opublikowana przez Steinklang

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Edycja na CD opublikowana przez STEINKLANG.

Info od wydawcy: You can’t speak of industrial music without mentioning the cassette tape. The tape was an essential format in the formative years of the experimental, industrial underground, and has remained a significant factor within the post-industrial scenes ever since. Where right now the cassette tape is going through some kind of fetishized hipster-revival in other scenes, in industrial, experimental and noise music it never died.

The tape was a revolutionary format for Paolo Bandera as well, who captured his first musical experiments on tape during the early 80’s. He would go on to create pioneering works of extreme electronics with Sigillum S, embracing new technology as it became available. But never forgetting his love for the tape format: “the elaborate pleasure of manually working on recording cassettes and preparing exquisite packaging has never disappeared for me.”
This album is a tribute to that mighty format. On the initiative on Adriano Vincenti (Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte etc.), the two have created a homage that unites a more modern medium and technology with the traditional methodology and technology of cassette tapes. In the truest traditions of the industrial underground, the album borrows, cannibalises and adapts material from others – for example Maurizio Bianchi and Metadrive – to create experimental sounds all their own. The history of the industrial underground is heavily present in the source material: the oldest recordings are from the mid-80’s.
The result? An album of experimental, challenging and even adventurous industrial electronics. Dubbing this noise or power electronics or any other of the many subgenres of industrial is impossible: there is a little bit of everything on Ossido Di Cromo. Ultimately, the album can be described as a throwback to an era before industrial electronics had fragmented to dozens of smaller niches; this is experimental underground electronics as its purest and finest.
A fitting tribute to a format and the ways of working so intricately tied to it.

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