Edycja CD opublikowana przez Twilight.

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Piękne wydanie! Jedna z najciekawszych płyt ATARAXII. Pozycja obowiązkowa dla każdego fana.

info od wydawcy:
"The soft quivering of a Japanese tree calms me down. It 's time of prayer and contemplation in the stillness of silence. In this precise moment I long for perfection and I feel in harmony with the beauty of the universe.
Every path is a place of light, a unique and perfect image of love and peace."
It will be available again, in a digitally mastered new digipack edition, of one of the most poetic and various albums of ATARAXIA trought Twilight Records.

Saphir is inspired by the magical, symbolic and mystic nature of gardens. Gardens of all ages linked to different geographic areas (the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Arabian gardens, the medieval hortus conclusum, the zen gardens and the English romantic gardens) have been the starting point of our musical research. The garden has been often represented as an universal door to cross this dimension to enter the one of myth and dream. The harmony governing the elements composing a garden is the same governing the elements composing music and all of this creates beauty. In 'Saphir', nature and art are mixed together to contrast an environment and life-style mainly based on what is functional and productive; we focus our attention on the most precious gift the human being should never be obliged to renounce to, that's the freedom to dream and an aesthetic taste for life. Music is rich and nuanced. Classic and flamenco guitars, romantic pianos, pads of atmospheric keyboards, noble sonatas, epic tunes, rich vocal broderies and some eastern and classic percussions (from darbouka, to bendhir, frame-drums, timpani, udu, cymbals and bells) played by the Riccardo Spaggiari, appearing for the very first time in an Ataraxia's album, are the ingredients of this opus.

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