V/A - Eidolon / A Tribute to Reutoff CD

Tribute dla legendy rosyjskiej sceny drone / ambient z udziałem wyjątkowych artystów.

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Tribute dla legendy rosyjskiej sceny drone / ambient z udziałem wyjątkowych artystów.

info od wydawcy: REUTOFF Tribute compilation! For those (few) who don't know Reutoff : they are one of the more prominent and intriguing Russian Post-Industrial Ambient projects. The album, celebrating the bands 16th anniversary, consists of remixes and cover versions on original Reutoff tracks, made by bands / projects / friends, whose music has always been close to the band. Most of the contributors created their tracks using original Reutoff material, some of them were just inspired by Reutoff's music, others tuned in with their own sound and the track with Deutsch Nepal is an entirely team-work piece.

The "Eidolon essence" is a reflection: there was a time, when we absorbed, we were imbued with the images of the Tribute participants. Their music and their impressions on their own epiphanies were interpreted in our music. Now it's their turn, we came to full circle and the phantoms are granted with new lives. We are grateful to every each and one of you, you did your best. A special thank you goes out to Oleg Pashchenko for the Cover Art. His flair is as brilliant as is his genius>

1. ATRIUM CARCERI : Capacity to Kill
2. DESIDERII MARGINIS : Hypnerotomachia
3. FLINT GLASS : Tunnels in the Dark
4. EMPUSAE : La meno Ma Mento
5. SAL SOLARIS : Never Touch the Xyu
6. ANTLERS MULM : Schlaf-Hello Sleeper
7. WERMUT : Winter 1998
9. SVARTSINN : Dies Irae
11. TROUM : Regennon Re- Generated
12. CISFINITUM : Last Train to Reutoff

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