ANEMONE TUBE - In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality MC

Kasetowa edycja Anemone Tube 'In Vorte Of Dionysian Reality' wydana przez Epicurean.

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Kasetowa edycja Anemone Tube 'In Vorte Of Dionysian Reality' wydana przez Epicurean.

Info of wydawcy: Extending the musical content and conceptual notions of the “Suicide Series” and the forthcoming “Golden Temple” album (early 2016, Raubbau), The Epciurean is delighted to offer an EP with brand new material, featuring the helping hands of Russian dark ambient artist Post Scriptvm on one track. Related to Nietzsche`s notion of the Wagerian music drama as a revelation of the abysmal truth about man, “In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality” allures us into the Dionysian dreamland, where tragedy reigns, in pursuit of the ultimate oneness. 

“In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality” is a musical homage to guitar solos and dreamy sci-fi death metal influences. With its washes of noise and layers of piercing feedback on a subbase of wavering synths, this is a maelstrom of sound generating a hallucinatory reality. The atmosphere oscillates between destructiveness and an aggravating frenzy, between the archaic and the sacral, serving the mythical experience of music in a realm where all other means of communication have failed and music figures as the primordial language.

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