TROUM - Mare Idiophonika CD (wyd. eu)

Europejske wydanie CD TROUM opublikowane przez  Silken Tofu.

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Europejske wydanie CD TROUM opublikowane przez  Silken Tofu.

Info of wydawcy: Mare Idiophonika' is the studio version of TROUM's concert piece played in 2007 when they toured Europe with Nadja, Asia Nova and Voice Of Eye. This album is the first part of the 'Power Romantic' series. Troum have at disposal when playing live such diverse sound players as guitar, bass, voice, accordion, balalaika, flute, mouth-organ, melodica, gong, field recordings and sound effects, although its hard to pin down any of these specific in this recording. Computer sounds don't play a role in their work - everything is done by hand. This almost hour long piece is a pretty strong manifestation of their music. They want to reach for the dream state, the unconscious side of the brain and they succeed well. This piece, which clearly has various movements does just that: it sticks right into the brain of the listener and it transports him to an alterated state of mind!

Silken Tofu

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