LEMNA - Stray Lights CD

Drugi album  projektu funkcjonującego na rosyjskiej sceny drone / ambient.

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Drugi album  projektu funkcjonującego na rosyjskiej sceny drone / ambient.

info producenta: Since the immemorial times , belated travelers, between dark trees and snags, see the lights far off . It seems, the flame of fires or light of the human dwelling will give heat and food to the tired traveler, but the closer the fires became, the heavier gets the way , the bog tightens more and more deeply. And now, on the surface of the swamp not even a trace left, just quietly swaying duckweed, and devilish sparks, as if the flames of a myriad of candles, twinkle in total darkness...

STATUS Prod. presents a debut album "Stray Lights" of the Voronezh dark ambient/black industrial project LEMNA. Drawling guitar riffs, the disturbing, howling, humming sounds of a deaf thicket and the swamp forest, which were skillfully mixed in a uniform sound line by the leader of the project - Kha Vesh, transfer the pressing atmosphere of hopelessness, inevitability, helplessness in a minute when water close up over the head...

For achievement of authenticity of sounding, guitar record and mixing of the album were made directly in the wood.

The album is released by 200, hand-numbered, copies, each copy contains the package of a dried duckweed, which, having placed in water which, in a combination with audio, everyone can reach an effect of "full immersion"

Status Prod.

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