POLYGON - Mental Border MC

Kasetowa publikacja POLYGON w barwach Aliens Prod..

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Kasetowa publikacja POLYGON w barwach Aliens Prod..

Info od wydawcy: Originally never officially released album of this German top of minimalistic approaches and cold atmospheres. Now, after a long silence, appears under our label in the new audio set. Minimalist procedures in which melancholic moods and experimental blocks weave. Strong melodies and flesh tones that can be stabbed directly into your perceptual apparatus are a great part of this rare material that has been resting in the darkness of the tomb for a long time. Fourteen stories of light and darkness. Dark opus of chimes and hypnotic structures. Dark ambient surfaces encased in electronic transfusions and cold blocks. This album is as a big rarity and also a piece of atmospheric storm of emotions and complex sound experiences.

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