MURDEROUS VISION ‎– Elemental Flame CD

Wydawnictwo Status Prod.

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Wydawnictwo Status Prod.
info producenta: Fire is a guide between the Earth and the Sky - its flames roar, devour, incinerate and purify. The sounds of the flame awaken fear and hope in the soul, inspire and drive away. Raising its tongues up like hands, the fire prays for human sins and points out the only right way... Voronezh Status Prod. label presents a new CD-album of the American old school death industrial/dark ambient project MURDEROUS VISION, led by its permanent leader, Stephen Petrus, "Elemental Flame". This monumental work lauds fire as what destroys the obsolete and creates a new life in its place.The album was released in an edition 150 hand-numbered copies and is a curly folder made of craft cardboard , with the author's art applied to it by silkscreen printing. The album is available at the STATUS Prod label. and from distribu

Status Prod.

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