V/A - New State of Flux 2CD

Dwupłytowa kompilacja z Reverse Alignment.

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Dwupłytowa kompilacja z Reverse Alignment.

info od wydawcy: New State Of Flux was conceived by Raffaele Pezzella, head of the Unexplained Sounds network of aural disorientation, after Swedish label Reverse Alignment became a part of the network at the beginning of 2021. The extremely fine work released by label founder Kristian Widqvist from its inception in 2007 and over the next 13 years is a rare example of integrity and quality in terms of aesthetic choices, creating a collection of minimalist and isolationist gems by releasing a series of albums by musicians that have constituted a new paradigm in minimalistic ambient music. The New State Of Flux compilation has been curated with the intention of continuing that tradition in the same spirit of sonic exploration and philosophy, and adding some new names that we hope will be appreciated just as their predecessors were. Many of them will be the launch-pad for a new Reverse Alignment trajectory.

1.Jarl - Chemical Mirror 10:33
2.Taphephobia - A journey to the outside world 06:03
3.VelgeNaturlig - Raga in height dimensions 09:22
4.RNGMNN - Szélkirály 05:27
5.Henrik Meyerkord - Our Mornings 04:58
6.Sonologyst - Superluminal 10:02
7.Derelict Relay & João Sousa - Claustro em Ruínas 07:12
8.B°TONG - Driven To Isolation 02:32
9.Vongoiva - Palovankka 11:19
10.Freiband - The Smallest Cube 04:56
11.Ajna - Nihil Extraneum 07:26
12.SITKA - Fallow 04:48
13.Andreas Rönnquist - Paradigm 07:23
14.Diskrepant - Seance Monday 05:01
15.Brian C. Short - objects of scorn (variously appraised) 12:46
16.Mats Undén - Unfold 06:16
17.Dödsapparaten - The Old Ones Awaken 08:09
18.Equal Stones - By the Pain I See in Others 06:58
19.Zuhé - The lights in the prison barracks 07:04
20.Bleak Fiction - Fierce Absence Of Answer 07:29

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