Płyta wydana nakładem wytwórni Kosmodrone w ekskluzywnej dystrybucji 

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Płyta wydana nakładem wytwórni Kosmodrone w ekskluzywnej dystrybucji

Info od wydawcy: Clocking in at under 35 minutes it is the next stage in the project's development. They shed their electro-infused influences (Legowelt, Orgue Electronique et al.) in search of a more refined style. The whole album, divided into 6 separate tracks, was recorded without the use of digital technology favouring analogue electronics, such as Korg MS20 and Roland Juno 6, and powered by TR-606, giving it warm and spatial feel. Inspired correspondingly by the original krautrock (or rather krautelectronica) scene of 1970s (Neu, Cluster), techno ambient/IDM of 1990s (The Orb, early Autechre), contemporary retroscene (Belbury Poly, Pye Corner Audio, 1991, Ketev, Demdike Stare), Palcolor possesses their individual vibe which is consistent and far from predictable.

Although the final purport of the album was somewhat neutralized, "Wróg" (The Enemy) is inspired by the Polish brand of McCarthyism that has set in since 2015. The feeling of being an enemy (or the enemy) in the country where you are to live and being harassed by the lack of prejudice.

"Wróg" is strictly limited to 250 copies.

PALCOLOR is the project of Emil Macherzyński, started in Łódź and since 2013 operating in Warsaw. He produces strange and nice music on cheap analogue and FM synths, and samplers inspired by old electronica, library music and techno. In his spare time he reads a lot of Wikipedia, is interested in numbers stations, space race and North Korea. In addition to Palcolor, he plays bass in Anatol, repairs electronic instruments (but only the cool ones) and runs Warsaw-based label Jasień together with Joanna Świderska, responsible for releasing albums of Sierść, Evvolves, Golden Autumn and TER.


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