V0LAND - Innenraum MC

Kasetowa publikacja z Amek.

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Kasetowa publikacja z Amek.

Info od wydawcy: Symeon Yovev (V0LAND) is a Bulgarian-born composer and experimental artist. Field recordings, modern-day experimental hardware instruments, and obscure vintage sound machines are among his preferred tools. This more hardware-leaning approach has resulted in music that is not only meticulously structured, and texturally rich, but also deep, nuanced, and still somehow impulsive and organic.

To quote V0LAND, his music draws inspiration from the spontaneous organization of chaos into form. And what is a better example of organized musical chaos if not the distillate form of a live performance. If you’ve followed Amek for long enough you probably already know that we love raw demos, debut albums, and first live shows. “Innenraum” documents not only a session of shared musical exploration but also the artist’s first-ever show in his hometown of Sofia. This is exactly why we decided to welcome V0LAND in Amek not with a studio recording but with this live artifact that documents the music he presented in late Spring 2023 in Sofia.


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