NORMA REAKTSII ‎– Pulse Of Telluric Energy CD

Wydawnictwo Status Prod.

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Wydawnictwo Status Prod.

info producenta: Label Status Prod. presents the album of the famous Russian industrial project NORMA REACTSII "Pulse of Telluric Energy". The album is dedicated to the theme of telluric energy \ energy of the Earth, alternative scientific ideas of physicist Nikola Tesla and the semi-mythical image of the scientist as the "father of electricity" in general. Due to limited technical capabilities at that time, the expected sound quality was not achieved. In 2020, the original tracks underwent a radical rethinking and received adequate mastering. The final version received a slightly different name, more in line with the author's idea.

An attempt to convey by sound a projection on the consciousness of the telluric, deep forces of the planet, irrational in their essence, a kind of antinoosphere, is quite a difficult task, so it took more than 15 years of various experiments to get the desired result.

The album was released in an edition of 150 hand-numbered copies and is a folder with a card-attachment made of designer cardboard, with the author's art applied by the method of silkscreen printing.

Status Prod.

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