GOAT THRON - I Believe In One Great, Unbroken And Death-obsessed Chaos CD

Album released by Heerwagen Tod in 2022.. Edition on CD

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Album released by Heerwagen Tod in 2022.. Edition on CD

Info od wydawcy: Once again Heerwegen Tod Production is responsible for the release of the latest Goat Thron album. After "Plugastwo", this is the next venom outbreak straight from Funeral primitive craft in creating sick visions of Dark Industrial/Noise/Dark Ambient. This time there is a kind of a class of the dark side of nature with bloodthirsty human and mechanical creases from mining and heavy industry.The project is accompanied by the radical message and ideology. „I believe in one great, unbroken and death-obsessed chaos” sounds just like industrial concrete but it is also a tribute for the glory of destruction divided into 8 satanic hymns. This is over an hour prayer for the apocalypse and slavery which molest and destroy all the emotions. Dehumanized music and graphic design reflect raw and direct message presented by Goat Thron for many years. Because off its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens!

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