CHRIS SHAPE 'Shaped To Deform' CD

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Wydanie Unknown Pleasures Records. Album CD w ekoipacku. 
Coś dla fanów electro / EBM.
Info od wydawcy: Chris Shape is Cristian Camporesi an Italian producer, live performer and sound designer for over 25 years. He starts his career in some local new-wave electro bands, but his debut came in the early '90s, when the techno's wave broke in Riccione and the pyramid of Cocoricò (the biggest italian techno club) has spread it everywhere. In 2004 he started a collaboration with dj Francesco "Franz“ Spazzoli in the critically acclaimed electro duo FRANZ & SHAPE, where Chris Shape could give vent to its synth-wave and EBM roots. They played live for almost a decade in the best clubs and festivals around the world and also have cooperated with: 2 Many Djs, Tiga, Jagz Kooner, Motor (Bryan Black aka Black Asteroid), David Carretta, GD Luxxe, The Hacker, Gesaffelstein, Perspects, Dirk Da Davo (Neon Judgment), Mount Sims ...He made music for different labels such as: Nova Mute, Turbo, Citizen, Relish, International Gigolò Records ... After some years spent in “research” and a new work as a music publisher, Chris Shape decided to start a solo career by doing just what he likes: Techno Body music. His first solo album will be available on UPR in October and contains some vocals collaborations with Black Asteroid, Blind Delon, Velvet Kills and IV Horsemen. The ample and massive sound as well as the visuals contribute to make this album a magnificently powerful work, the best breaking and ecstatic electro techno.

Electro Wave is not dead!

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