GOAT THRON - Ruthlessness CD

Reedycja na CD opublikowana przez Heerwagen Tod Edition.

10,00 €
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100% bezpieczne płatności

Reedycja na CD opublikowana przez Heerwagen Tod Edition.

Info od wydawcy: With a big proud we published the 4th release of the radical project from Lower Silesia. 
Cloud of negative emotions which are flowing out
like a bullet rain to destroy life and world.
Full of hatred ,violence and sadism ,the ritual of desolation, merciless and of political incorrectness with anti-human sounds, dived in insane screams with satanic lyrics of perdition ritual.
60 minutes of murder celebration, war and cruelty, torture and violence are included
into the uncompromised medley of primitive and raw industrial, noise and dark ambient. 
New edition on CD which was earlier released on cassette by Werewolf Promotion.
Because off its radical content, not for political correctly and religious citizens!

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