GOAT THRON - Infernale Et Diabolicum Violentiam Barbarum... Duo Decennia Pura Satanism CD

Reedycja na CD opublikowana przez Heerwagen Tod Edition.

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Edycja na CD opublikowana przez Heerwagen Tod Edition.

Info od wydawcy: In June 1999 a.y.p.s. Funeral and Dagon started blasphemy  named Goat Thron.
From dark hearts and possessed souls flowed raw and primitive satanic black metal at the begining.
After Dagon suicide by hanging, Funeral continued heresy as solo project, and recorded 3 demo tapes on keyboard, between 2000 and 2001 a.y.p.s. after that disbanded project.
But in March 2004, Funeral reactivated Goat Thron, this time as mix of industrial/noise/dark ambient with black metal ideology - Satanism, blasphemy and radicalism, and W.A.R. against judeo-chritianity. Today is 20th anniversary of begining Goat Thron project,and that why we wish to presents special album. ”Infernale et Diabolicum Violentiam Barbarum” is a mix of 3 demos recorded between 2000-2001 filled by guitars and vocal. 55 minutes of raw and primitive black metal with keyboards elements.
Chaotic and spontanic music, with radical and blasphemous lyrics, gives specific atmosphere of old raw black metal. 8 tracks released on CD is also part of Cenobit Eerie blasphemous voice (Rust On The Ax), SCM from black metal project Mróz, and Trizar (Profanatism/Elegis), both on guitars.

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