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JARL - Isolation Colours MC

A tape edition of the album from Jarl.

"Phonophobia" is a kind of continuation of the subject matter of the previous release. While "Hyperacusis" was an attempt to explore this phenomenon and has shown it through the sound and final composition of songs directly influencing the peculiar nature of the album, 

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It's a tape edition of the new album from Jarl.

The new Jarl album Isolation Colours is the 7th on Zoharum and consists of seven tracks, here named as Circle 1- 7 which each represents one colour and what sense and mood that colour can bring. Here focusing on isolation as the title of the album refers to. Grey-Scale one, Blue Grey (Livid ), Blue, Black, White, Grey Scale- Two and also Blindness in between with no colours. Painted by the sounds from Analogue Synthesizers. As often Jarl has a sort of a psychedelic sound which is  hypnotic , cosmic ,melodic, intense but also  restrained and withdrawn with different colour cords. Isolation, sadness, anger, fear, gloom, misery, separation but also innocence, inspiration and calmness are topics the colours can represent, but it’s also up to the listener to decide.Six colours scales separated from eachother. Somehow a connection from previous albums like Turbulence, Amygdala, Hypnosis and Misophonia colours, although Isolation Colours sounds different and have a different theme.

Album available on CD, tape and digital version.
Release date 19.09.2023

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