About us


Alchembria.pl is an online shop of Zoharum, a Polish non-profit label. What does it really mean? Both Zoharum and Alchembria collects a group of passionate music lovers whose aim is widespread cultural activity. All the profits from our own releases and distributed items are invested into future activities including new albums and the promotion of Zoharum-related artists. In other words, we are fully professional, but non-commercial. Our sole aim is the promotion of interesting artistic ventures. Our offer includes a large amount of music-related products, such as CDs, vinyls, tapes, but also books, merchandise etc.

Alchembria distributes a large number of items by domestic and foreign labels. They cover electronic, experimental, avant-garde and alternative music.

ZOHARUM – a Polish label covering leftfield music set up in 2007. At the very beginning, its sole aim was to release music by Bisclaveret, but it has expanded very quickly and evolved in many varied directions. The catalogue consists of more than 200 titles with ambient, industrial, experimental, electroacoustic, idm, post-rock, cold wave, minimal synth... and it is still expanding. These are mostly CD releases, but the label has already had some releases on vinyl plus special editions (with many additions apart from CDs and tapes). The label does not limit itself to one type of sound, style or genre. While choosing new titles for their catalogue, the label creators cater for their own tastes first to act between various genres. The label collaborates with both domestic (Polish) and foreign artists.

Zoharum releases debut albums by promising artists, new albums by renowned acts, but also reissues of interesting and important independent albums that give insight into these classic artists to new wave of listeners. The label put a lot of effort into visual concept and aesthetic vision of their products. Apart from releasing music, they are also co-founders of ”Hard Art” magazine (together with Beast of Prey label), and they organize various concerts, festival and other art events.

If you would like to ask us anything else, write to us at order@alchembria.pl or call us at 605 318 630 between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.

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