SATORI - The Woods CD

CD released by Cold Spring in 2023.

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Formed in the mid-80's, with previous releases on high-calibre labels such as Broken Flag, Cold Spring, Trident, Mindscan, and Tesco Organisation, Industrial / Power Electronics veteran SATØRI returns with a new dark and disturbing journey into the very depths of human horror.
"Debris in the corners; steel shavings and teeth..."
Using his love of pure noise, harsh synths and brutal percussion, SATØRI has created a dystopian cinematic soundscape in which it would be entirely possible to lose your very soul.
While the last two releases concentrated on what could be described as "observations on humanity's ability to drag itself down to its lowest common denominator", this new work focuses on a more localised depravity - that of the lone wolf. An individual who, having no moral compass, has no boundaries to cross.
"...there is something wrong here"
An overcast autumn afternoon in the forest and a light rain crackles the fallen leaves. The camera, low to the ground, follows behind a pair of well-worn work boots as they approach a rundown shack deep in the undergrowth. As we move closer the air seems to thicken. To the side is what appears to be a shed or garage. Wooden...  

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