Jan van Hasselt/Christoph Ogiermann - Der Bau (2xMC+Die Hard Book)

A special edition Die Hard Book + 2 tapes

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A special edition Die Hard Book + 2 tapes

Press-kit: I don't want to put on a show but, forgive me, my position is that of what you would call a religious ritual specialist, which would mean that everything I say is believed. That's nonsense, of course. But there's no picture at all. So "If you entered the building, everything would just be black."

Strange voices and texts sound like pages torn out of a science fiction novel from noisy audio cassettes. They are about the 'construction', a gigantic steel tank not far from a crowded city. Does anything flow into the building or out? Can you enter it? And if so, is there anything in it at all? Carried, decomposed and paraphrased by electrical vibrations, singing feedback and the acoustic shadows of the future industry, Jan van Hasselt's lecture performance 'The Building' creates a dystopian mental cinema.

DER BAU was developed as a theater performance and performed in the Schwankhalle Bremen in 2021. The performance is now being published as a book plus two audio cassettes in a slipcase by the Aufabwegen publishing house in Cologne. The music on the tapes by the composer Christoph Ogiermann arose from theater music and was supplemented with additional material.

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