FABIO ORSI - Find Electronica CD

CD released by Silentes sublabel.

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CD released by Silentes sublabel.Originally released in 2007, the oddly named Find Electronica sees Italian soundscaper / audio alchemist Orsi, conjuring up some hushed delicate beauty, that sort of hazy, otherworldly fuzzy drift we can't seem to get enough of. Warm slowly whirling melodies blurred into long lazy drones, the layers constantly shifting, gorgeous overtones surfacing here and there, melodies buried and revealing glimpses now and again through the hushed lush shimmer of these tracks. The opening track is total Pop Ambient bliss out, anyone who digs that beatless shimmer, that washed out glistening thrum of groups like Gas and Klimek will be in heaven, Heck even the second track which finds Orsi looping an acoustic guitar into a bit of Appalachian mesmer, takes that guitar and wreathes it in a gorgeous gauze of muted electronics and muted psychedelia, the sort of late night sky-full-of-stars dreaminess that could go on forever, before slipping into a strange bit of post rockiness that quickly transforms into a sort of electronic music box bleepscape.

The record closes with the darkest of the three, a murky, low end rumble, shot through with glistening textures and subtle melodies, the sound ominous, but still warm and weirdly welcoming, gradually thickening, becoming something akin to a much more minimal Nadja, heavy, but woozy and warbly and completely mesmerizing. So fantastic. One of the coolest things we've heard from Orsi, which makes it all the more sad, that WE ONLY HAVE FIVE COPIES OF THIS!! Sadly the label is no more, which means we can never get more, which means these are the very last copies we'll ever see...

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