MOLJEBKA PVLSE - The Distant Past Resounds MC

It's a tape edition of the Moljebka Pvlse album released in 2023.

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It's a tape edition of the Moljebka Pvlse album released in 2023.
About a year after the release of the great album "Borrowed Scenery", MOLJEBKA PVLdSE is back with another, even better material. Four musicians were involved in its recording; Mathias Josefson, handling all the electronics, was joined in turn by Isabel Fogelklou, who rejoined the ranks of the Scandinavian project, recording her harp parts, as well as Hara Alonso on piano and Kris Kuldkepp on double bass. The contribution of each of these artists left its mark on the final shape of "The Distant Past Resounds", which to some extent is a continuation of the previously chosen direction. However, thanks to the use of richer instruments, the involvement of each of the participants of the recording session, whose input translated into richer arrangements, even bolder stylistic journeys and the iversity of the entire composition. All this makes the latest material of MOLJEBKA PVLSE an extremely interesting story, outlined in a very expressive way so as to release a whole palette of colors, moods and emotions from the sound matter, allowing you to lose yourself even deeper with each subsequent listening. We can still talk here about the stylistic convention, which can be defined as drone / ambient, but here they were treated as a base on which one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting album in the Swedish artist's discography was based.

Release date 12.05.2023

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